This is my personal SEO method that I have developed with experience with my own sites and my clients' sites. This method isn't a lot of work every day and some days are easier than others. It is a 7 day cycle, but I only work Monday-Friday so it lasts more than a week for me. You can work through the weekend if you would like. This works great if you have many sites that you have to work on or want to work on more than just a few clients' sites every day. I HAVE NEVER ENCOUNTERED ANY KIND OF PENALTY ON THE SERPS WITH ANY SITE.

  • Have a private blog network that you own. It doesn't have to be very large and it can be all on free sub-domains if you want to save money. 5-10 blogs is enough in most situations.
  • Create a free Blogger blog for each site that you market for.
  • Create a Link Market account for each Blogger blog.
  • Join a couple forums related to your niche.
  • Scrape blog posts related to your niche that you can MANUALLY comment on.

  • AMR
  • Sick Submitter
  • Coach Tyler's Duplicate Content Checker or another duplicate checker
  • Get Article
  • Captcha Sniper or other captcha solver
  • Scrapebox
  • Some kind of article spinner
  • Article Submission Helper (Free Tool - Optional)
  • AutoBlog Samurai (Optional)

Day 1:
Scrape an article with Get Article. Rewrite this article to at least 40% unique per one word phrase, 60% unique per two word phrase, and 80% unique per three word phrase using Coach Tyler's Duplicate Content Checker (Free Tool). Also, rewrite the title and write a summary and resource box for the content link wheel and the bulk article submission in the following days. Now that it is rewritten, you have to MANUALLY spin the article with two variations on the sentence level to have 3 sentence spins available. Don't waste your time with synonym replacement in the article body. Manually spin the title three times as well. Also, do synonym spinning on the summary, title, and two resource boxes. Now you have your prepared article for the cycle.

Day 2:

Content Link Wheel:
You are going to submit spun versions of the article to the best article directories as well as some auto approve directories to make a content link wheel. You don't need a lot of sites to do this with and you can use Article Submission Helper (Free Tool) to make this faster. I only use around 20-30 sites. Your resource box should have one link to the money site and the other link will be pointing to the last auto approved submission. Start the link wheel with the Blogger because you have full access to edit this article, which will be needed to complete the link wheel.

Example Post to Blogger, Post to EZA with link back to Blogger blog, post to Articles Base with link back to Blogger, post to Idea Marketers with link back to Blogger, post to Ezine Mark with link back to Idea Marketers, go back and edit the Blogger post and link it to the Idea Marketers post.

Bulk Article Submission:
Don't overdo the article submissions. If you get between 50-100 articles approved that is just fine. Too many will look spammy and take down the effectiveness of the submission. Use AMR or another bulk submitter to submit the prepared article from Day 1 to sites. Your resource box should have two links to the money site or if you only have one keyword, one link to the money site and the other link will point to random articles from a previous cycle of article submissions.

Day 3:
Document Submissions:
Make a PDF and a Powerpoint of a spun version of the prepared article. On each page there should be a raw link to the money site. This gives link variety and looks natural. Submit the documents to the top document sharing sites. I use between 10-15 sites. Collect all links. Create an RSS Feed with the list with Sick Submitter. Submit the feed to RSS directories with Sick Submitter.

Forum Profiles:
Create forum profiles with Sick Submitter. Anything under 100 is safe. This is my method: For the first 10 cycles, I create around 100 with various platforms. After cycle 10, I only create profiles on vBulletin sites (around 5-10 per cycle) and utilize the Recent Profile Visitors widget to get thousands of internal backlinks to the profile to make the profiles have authority.

Day 4:
Submit the forum profiles to,, and whatever other bulk ping site that you want to submit to. If you opt to do my method with forum profiles, get the internal links to the profile today. I use Robotsoft Mouse Recorder to automate the process easily. Create a blog post on the Blogger blog with raw links to the forum profiles. Ping the post with Ping-O-Matic or another pinging service. OPTIONAL Submit the post to Social Monkee to get it bookmarked on 25 sites.

Day 5:
Update all the accepted article from the link wheel and the bulk submission. Use a tool like Sick Link Checker to verify that your site's backlink is on the article page, as some sites will approve your article and remove your link, especially with AMR. Once you have that completed list, submit the list to and Use Scrapebox to comment on thousands of auto approve blog posts with the links pointing to random articles. DON'T USE SCRAPEBOX TO BACKLINK TO YOUR SITE.

Day 6:
With the finalized list of articles that you created yesterday, bookmark the articles with Sick Submitter, or another bookmarking tool like BMD or AutoPligg. Get all the bookmarks and submit them to and

Day 7:
Create a blog post on the Blogger blog with raw links to the finalized articles that you found on Day 5. Ping the post with Ping-O-Matic and submit it to Social Monkee if you want it bookmarked for free. Get on Link Market and accept every single link exchange request that you get for the Blogger blog.

MANUALLY comment on the blog posts related to your niche. My method is to comment on 3-4 a day. Easy and works great if you know some platforms that are auto approve and not spammed. Also, post on the forums related to your niche daily with your backlink in your signature. Make smart posts and actually contribute to the community unless you want to continually get banned for spamming.

Behind the scenes:
You should collect every single link that you create. With those, you will work on indexing every single link. With your private blog network: You will need a source of original content and a lot of it. If you are creative and have a day or so to search, it won't be a problem. I found over 20 thousands unpublished articles in a couple hours. Using AutoBlog Samurai, or manually if you wish, schedule posts about every 3-5 hours with around 5 backlinks per article. I just go in and randomly add the link to certain phrases. Do this constantly and your links will index nicely. However, adding some more power doesn't hurt! With Status.Net Sites: You can join a few sites and use these sites for indexing purposes. All you have to do is create a macro (or if you are like me you can just use Robotsoft Mouse Recorder to automate this) and submit links to the sites between non-link posts to avoid getting banned for spam.

After you are done with a cycle, just continue with another one. This has been proven to be very effective for me and especially my SEO clients, which I obviously work harder for. My client has been in the top 5 for a while now using this method and the keyword gets 165,000 searches on exact match every month. If that isn't proof that this method works, I don't know what is! Feel free to ask me questions!

4-22 UPDATE: I will be adding more web 2.0 site submissions and press release submissions to this template so check back soon for an updated cycle!