OK, I know it's almost against the law to upload something that's not a WSO - so call me a rebel.

Here's a pretty decent little tool I found after using almost all the known products on the market - Photoshop 5, Paint.net, you name it.

The sales copy on the salespage is a hoot, too.
"Tired of same old, same old presentations?
Looking for a quick way to tart up Text Slides for presentations and videos?
Are your videos a snooze?"

Yes, I am in fact looking to quickly tart up my snoozy videos!

This is the salespage: Code:
Here's the DL link: Code:
This is the "Business" version.

No VT because it's over the size limit. It's didn't blow up my local AV or trigger anything when I scanned it.

So, tart up those cute christmas cat (all right, dogs too) pictures with this and show them here.

PS. Do us a favor and don't immediately post these on the other BH sites.