Our fellow member Trophaeum was looking for a good mailing-script to try out his list-building skills,
and nobody really provided him what he wanted.
So here we go guys, if you ever need a mailing-script for your list-building efforts,
the only answer should be lnterSp1re ?mailM@rketer!
lnterSp1re is known for it's high-quality software, so there ain't much i have to tell about the product!

What's New:
  • Choose which custom fields to display when you view contacts
  • Contact list segmenting based on multiple AND/OR filters
  • Addition of 20 new email campaign templates
  • Choose which fields show for each contact on the "View Contacts" grid
  • Re-arrange fields on a website form using drag and drop
  • Sort contacts based on custom fields and remember the sort preference
  • Added vertical rule at 65 character limit in editor for text campaigns
  • Added options to view or add contacts on the contact lists page
  • Custom fields can be linked to a contact list when adding/editing
  • Add bounce rules and improved bounce detection of certain bounced types
  • Performance improvements when sending lots of custom field based content
  • XML-API allows you to set a new contact to "confirmed" and change their format
  • Permissions to view just a particular segment (and not the whole mailing list)
  • Added a date-picker for date type custom fields when creating/editing a contact
  • Use the "View Contact" option (and permission) to see ready-only contact details
  • Each area in the application now has its own settings for paging
  • Granular user permissions instead of just choosing a role
  • The owner of a contact list is displayed when viewing the list
  • The "View Contacts" page shows all contacts by default
  • New "views" dropdown on contacts page to easily switch lists/segments
  • Search box on contacts page to search based on email address
  • Improved usability when adding/editing custom fields
  • New Interspire control panel design and product name
  • New home page dashboard with chart, getting started guide and help articles
  • Integrated private label help system and infotips
  • Changed popup windows to use inline "web 2.0" thickbox look
  • Custom fields are divided into 2 columns when viewing a contact
I uploaded it to MediaFire, as many of us (myself included) don't like identifying cats and dogs (damn RS )


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