Now this I think is some great info. I'd recommend it. Very informative.

Here is just a small taste of what you'll learn:

* Intro & Overview: How to set up your business so that you won't get caught (quite possibly the most important thing of all!)
* BH Technique #2: Automated page building (Create literally thousands of pages at the click of a button with some of these tried and true BlackHat techniques)
* BH Technique #3: Link Spamming (literally dominate your competitors on Yahoo, Live, Dogpile, Lycos, Altavista, and every single one of the other second-rate search engines with automated tools)
* BH Technique #4: Link Injection (a real simple technique to get a quick 200 backlinks from a bunch of .edu and .gov domains)
* BH Technique #5: Attacking Your Competition (take your competition down a notch with negative SEO...I'll show you two ways)
* BH Technique #6: Traffic Spoofing (make it appear as though your mediocre little site is generating traffic like the next Myspace)
* BH Blueprint #1: The EZ Formula
* BH Blueprint #2: Mystery Shoppers on CRACK
* BH Blueprint #3: Cashing on Hollywood
* BH Blueprint #4: Opinion Recruiter
* An in-depth overview of Cost-Per-Action Marketing
* BlackHat Method #1: Free Gadget Offer
* BlackHat Method #2: Google Trends and Yahoo Buzz Method
* BlackHat Method #3: Exploit Freebie Seekers
* BlackHat Method #4: Current Event Domination Method
* BlackHat Method #5: Adwords Abuse
* BlackHat Method #6: Forum method
* BlackHat Method #7: The Evil Method

Sales page:

VirusTotal (I only scaned the CheatAlexaRanking tool (whole file is too big to scan))
0 /43. I also scaned the whole thing on my computer with ESET.



Enjoy and press "Thanks".

PS.: This is more for advanced users.

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