[GET] Niche Video Site Builder v5.0 by JP Schoeffel

When should you use this system?

  • Any time you want to quickly build a self-growing niche web site that will automatically update itself and refresh itself all on autopilot
  • You can use it as a 'blog' replacement: These video web sites are quickly indexed by search engines. Simply link to other web sites you want to see indexed and google will follow the link to it and index any web site you specify
  • Test your affiliate programs and advertising campaigns
  • As a powerful standalone web site that will expand your Virtual Real Estate portfolio. You can easily register 300 .info domains (for less than $2 each) and have 300 web sites created by the end of the day. Those sites will go to work for you 7 days a week, 365 days a year, 24/7...
  • You can create a video website almost instantly (less than 1 minute) on virtually any topic on earth (you have an installed base of hundreds of millions of videos to pull from...and almost unlimited fresh content on a silver platter...(600 videos are posted each and every SECOND on youtube...talk about new and refreshed content :-) )
  • Do you have tons of parked domains? or just sitting on your registrar without generating any income? Simply install the script on those domains and let them generate a passive income for you!
  • You want to create a Silo structured Video Site. Simply select the niche, related sub-topics, enter those keywords into the configuration file (or using the automatic installer) and you have a fully SILO structured niche web sites up and running in less than 2 minutes!

It's A Simple Yet Highly Effective And Truly Set And Forget Niche Site Builder

I'm including my step-by-step video guide to take you by the hand to start generating traffic and money with your sites. it will show you each and every simple step involved in turning your new sites into your own personal Internet money-making machines, just as if I was there showing you myself.

Simply follow the steps and you cannot fail.

These are the videos that have taught absolute newbies how, starting from nothing, they can create a site that earns money each and every day. You'll get more than 120 minutes of pure training showing you everything your need to know to promote, drive traffic and make money with your sites

You'll discover...
  • The no cost methods to automatically getting 100 or more visitors per day within 24 hours of putting your sites up
  • How to constantly have your sites updated automatically with new content
  • The fastest methods for making the most money with your sites
  • How to get your sites indexed in major search engines like Google and Yahoo in less than 24 hours
  • How to quickly drive 100's of unique, targeted visitors to your site within hours for free
  • How to automatically build a subscriber list and newsletter
  • How to rank on the first page of Google and Yahoo for many keywords
  • How to generate money in less than 24 hours of uploading the sites
  • If you have no idea how shocking those videos are and why they are worth more than the price of this script.

So on and so forth and blah, blah, blah .....

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