Hi guys,

i didnt found this one here (even not in the DNS) and wanted to share it with you...

quite helpful if you have to import lots of stuff...

WP All Import is a powerful WordPress affiliate store building plugin. WP All Import lets you create a ready-to-promote affiliate store, populated with thousands of products, in less than 10 minutes.WP All Import does this by allowing you to import any XML or CSV datafeed file from any affiliate network to WordPress.
You donít need to know computer programming. You donít need to know how to work with datafeed files. You never need to touch any code. Go to

wpallimport com/downloads and log in to download the lates version or here's the

direct link
mediafire com/?df828dg2o3k7adq
SHA256:fa509796aa9c281d8cb89cfe1047d84cedfb1530dbdd23be6e2093ef1cba8c08File name:wpallimport.zipDetection ratio:0 / 44Analysis date:2012-11-06 22:51:59 UTC ( 0 Minuten ago )
 mediafire com/view/?bzabx3bb3f645w7
* take care of the url's - had to modify it ( space between domain and com ) coz i'm a newbie
** no thanks / rep needed coz i only upped it here after founding it in another forum