Automatic Traffic Bot

Some highlights from the sales page:

* Feature Loaded & Intuitive - This software is loaded with dozens of high quality features and was coded by the best programmers I could find so you know it can withstand any abuse you decide to put it through!

* Traffic & SEO Uses - Use Automated Traffic Bot to increase traffic to your website, ramp up sales, and increase your search engine rankings.

* Affiliate Uses - Find people who are asking to spend money and give them opportunity to do so while pocketing a portion of the money they spend - You don’t even need a website to do this!

* Techie Free Operation - Even if you’re a non-techie (like me), you’ll love using this software because it’s extremely easy to use. Teenager, senior citizens, or people new to computers can use Automated Traffic Bot!

* Point & Click Functionality - If you can point and click, you can use the Automated Traffic Bot software. The easy to use interface makes getting traffic not only easy, but truly a pleasure.

* Capitalize On Yahoo! - While everyone else is targeting Google for search engine traffic, you’ll be working with Yahoo! which will get you easier traffic. A side benefit is that an increase in Yahoo! rankings will also increase your rankings in Google!

* Find People Asking To Spend Money! - Click a few buttons and find the actual questions people are asking about products and services and answer them on the spot with a link to your site or an affiliate link!

* Automated System - Automated Traffic Bot does all the hard work and searching for you. You just answer questions and plug in links to your sites, blogs, and affiliate links and make money!

* Nearly 100 Million Visitors! - The Yahoo! service we’re going to show you how to exploit has nearly 100 million visitors! Do you want to get in on a piece of that action? Of course you do!

* 25 Page Training Manual Included! - Full training is included to make sure you can get up and running fast! We leave nothing to chance with out very complete training guide.

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