I came across this while surfing the net.

It's about:

"Let's say that a website is giving away a new Laptop valued at around six hundred dollars. In return they require ten customer referrals from you. The Project Payday method teaches you how to quickly get the required referrals and turn a nice profit.

You'll learn how to make simple deals in which you offer something like $25 to each person that signs up under you. If you do the math it comes out to $250, 10 referrals at 25 bucks a pop. So by following the Project Payday method you just earned a $600 laptop for about a third of the cost.

Project Payday advises you on the best way to set up these deals and how to include all the appropriate links to ensure you get credit for referrals. These offers are not only limited to electronics, for example some credit card and insurance companies pay high dollar cash amounts for their referrals."

If anyone could share this, I'd make out with you.