Okay, so i thought id share how to get products for free with several methods

Method 1
Go to Google
Type in [GET]Product Name
If there are no download links, move on to method 2.

Method 2
Go to Google
Type in Code:
Check out the results, and you may find the product has a thank you page or download page visible.
If there are no results, move on to method 3.

Method 3
Go to the products website
Type in Code:
If the product isnt under any of the sub folders, move on to method 4.

Method 4
Go to the WSO Sales Page, Or Product sale page.
Right click on the image, and find its source.
Type it into your browser, after taking off the end bit [the image.jpg or whatever]
and you should see a list of other uploads within the folder.
If not, move on to method 5.

Method 5
type in the product website + robots.txt
e.g [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
You will see a list sometimes, of pages they want to remain hidden.
Just type one of them in, and you should be able to get the product.

Method 6
Sometimes they upload to amazonaws.
You can find an S3 Ripper, or do it manually.
Just browse to the 'bucket' name, which will be something like : Code:
If there are errors or access denied messages, your out of luck, its secured.
If not, just Ctrl+S and save the page as a .XML File, Open up Excel and Column F [Ns1:key] will show all the file names.
To download one, just type it in on the end!
e.g Code:
Method 7
On the sales page, click the buy button, Til you get redirected to paypal.
You should see the authors email or possibly another website name, Just type it in to google.
Go through the previous methods on this site, as alot of the time authors dont upload the product
to the sales website, but the site thats used on paypal. So its worth a look!

Method 8 [Thanks Anton + Frag]

Use this code in your browsers address bar while on the sales page with the paypal button.
javascript:top.location=document.getElementsByName ('return')[0].value; javascript:void(0);
You wont always get what your looking for, but 9/10 times you will.
So don't waste your cash on stuff before you try to find it for free!
Membership sites usually require login information, So its hard to get them sometimes.
Also, some software you may download will also require authentication.

Finding File Sharing Links
Works, the same way as method 2, but basically type in :
site:rapidshare.com product name
site:mediafire.com product name
and so on.

Bypass Activation on Software
This works sometimes on the lesser secure software.
Just go to your hosts file [computer>windows>system32>drivers>etc>Hosts
Open it with Notepad, and on a new line at the bottom, add : Productswebsite.com
Save, and Run the program

Try this site :
If all fails, you can always buy the product, then Refund straight away.
As 99% of the authors give refunds
Hope you found this useful.