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Spamahost.com (Xrumer-Servers) provides you with the greatest quality, fastest speed, and best priced dedicated servers for your xrumer and other black hat hosting needs. Whether it is for your personal needs or for a company, we have many great plans for you to choose from! We are always looking at our competition and making sure we are providing our customers with the best prices available and getting your biggest bang for the buck. Have any questions, comments, or concerns? Feel free to email us!
Professional Benefits:

- We ignore all complaints. You will never hear complaints from us! Just forget about using those slow expensive proxies!

- All server come with 2 IP's (may purchase more if desired)

- All servers located in Moscow, Russia. Extreme stabillity and speed!

- Host Xrumer and other applications safely without the problems and consequences you may face as hosting on your local PC!

- Average Xrumer posting speeds of 700 links/min, up to 1,500 links/min (yes it's now possible) (testing done with Linkslists, you'll get faster posting rates with Zlinks!)

(that's 42,000 links/hour or 1,000,000 links/day!)

- All servers come with a minimum 100 MB line, and 1 GB line upgrades are available!!

- All servers are dedicated, and never shared!

- Open access to spam all types of forums, blogs, guestbooks without worrying about blocked IPs (like Chinese servers)

- Fast and professional support will get back to you in under 24 hours, 7 days a week!

- Extremely stable servers boast a 99.9% uptime

- Extremely competitive prices compared to others! You won't see this anywhere!

- We allow all forum posting tools like: xrumer, scrapebox, senuke, and more!

- No contracts, no hidden fees, FREE setup, and FREE OS-Reinstalls!

-Free KVM Usage!

- Our company has been up for over a year with many satisfied customers so satisfaction is a guarantee!

-We are a registered and confirmed corporation in the US!

Professional Server Packages:

For a list of our servers, please see:

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Payments will be made monthly, via PayPal.

Contact Information:

If you wish to order, or have any questions:

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Skype: Spamahost

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Use Coupon: WFPROMO - For 10% off any order!